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Main services

Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company is a multi-industry enterprise. The main field of the Company is construction, including production – construction – erection.

Construction of industrial works

Construction of industrial works such as factories, factories, warehouses, ...

Erection of steel structures for prefabricated houses

Production and erection of steel structures for prefabricated houses

Construction of new urban areas, houses, ...

Construction of new urban areas, semi-detached houses, villas, hotels...

Construction of traffic and irrigation works

Construction of irrigation works such as embankment roads, canal access roads, ...

Construction of technical infrastructure works

Construction of technical infrastructure works such as lighting, water supply and drainage, power supply,...

Construction of civil works.

Construction of civil works such as houses, houses and public works.

Construction of industrial wastewater treatment system

Construction of industrial and public wastewater treatment systems.

Strengths in the industry

The infrastructure

Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company's production plant is 8,000 square meters wide, with a capacity of 300 tons/month, along with modern equipment and machinery to ensure smooth production and business activities, satisfying the needs of customers, meet the needs of customers in the fastest time with the best quality.


The company's staff consists of highly qualified people in the industry including: construction engineers, irrigation, bridges and roads, water supply and drainage, geologists, bachelors of economics, architects, ... has coordinated smoothly through many different projects, never hesitated before difficult challenges.


The company has had traditional relationships with many ministries and branches throughout the country such as Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment... The company also has relationships with a number of international partners in the civil construction industry, import-export industry as well as real estate business.