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Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company was established under the business registration certificate No. 0200893424 issued by Hai Phong Department of Planning and Investment on March 21, 2009, is an enterprise operating mainly in the fields of civil and industrial construction, operation and exploitation of public and civil works, infrastructure construction of apartment and urban project zones, real estate investment and business. In spite of its new incorporation, the enterprise possesses highly qualified, experienced staff in construction of large works and projects.
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Converging strength, experience and prestige, multi-disciplinary activities, remarkably construction investment, Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company is constantly rising in the market economy and International integration, becomes a Company with stable and sustainable development, obtains enough competitive strength at home and abroad, satisfies the highest requirements of customers and markets.



Strictly comply with legal documents, standards, processes and norms of the State and the City in all production and business activities of the Company.


Synchronously and systematically deploying the training work, creating the best conditions for employees to constantly learn and improve their professional qualifications, recruiting workers to meet production and business requirements: Enough in quantity - Good in expertise - Scientific in organization - Professional in style.


Timely and effectively approaching and applying technical advances and new technologies in all activities of the Company, focusing on in-depth investment and improving the working environment of employees.


Establishing close relationships with customers and markets, focusing on expanding relationships with domestic and foreign partners in all fields of production and business activities of the Company.


Continuously innovating management activities, effectively applying international and advanced quality management systems (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000, TQM...) in the process of production and business, building a culture of quality.

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