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Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company (Song Cam Contruso) was established under the business registration certificate No. 0200893424 issued by Hai Phong Department of Planning and Investment on March 21, 2009.

Song Cam Contruso is an enterprise operating mainly in the fields of civil and industrial construction, operation and exploitation of public and civil works, infrastructure construction of apartment and urban project zones, real estate investment and business.

In addition, the Company has focused on deploying and applying advanced and modern technologies so that the works can be constructed in the shortest time with the highest quality criteria.

Core value


Constantly innovating, creating, developing new ideas and new solutions to solve current work more effectively and make a difference to the Company's products and services.


For customers: Bringing a feeling of peace of mind in using our products and services through the dedication and thoughtfulness in promptly responding to customer requests in order to ensure the highest satisfaction.


Always upholding the spirit of cooperation both internally and externally. The cooperation that we wish to aim for is a sincere, goodwill and effective cooperation, bringing harmonious benefits to the stakeholders.

Operation Motto

We evaluate our success on the basis of the success of our customers and related partners. Such success must necessarily be based on the prestige, high quality (services with international standards), safety at the construction site, reasonable prices and solutions with appropriate progress. And with any questions from customers about the related field, we would like to wholeheartedly support and answer to meet our the business philosophy of “always listening and understanding”.

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becoming one of the most respected Vietnamese construction companies in the country. Of which, the steel structure item is a supplementary ones for the company's long-term development orientation.


The mission of Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company is to bring the best construction solutions and services to satisfy the expectations of customers, provide customers with a full living space in terms of material as well as spiritual.



Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company also creates many success opportunities for its employees. With employees, we create a working environment with opportunities for personal development, fair compensation and fair treatment.

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Why choose us?


With the foundation of sustainable development and creative innovations in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country, Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company has focused on deploying and applying advanced and modern technologies, so that the works are constructed in the shortest time with the highest quality criteria.

Chuyên nghiệp

The company has participated in investment as well as construction contractor for construction projects with foreign investment capital and has always been well appreciated for the quality, construction techniques, completion schedule as well as the art of the project. In production and business, no matter what project we do, we always do it as professionally as possible.

Future orientation

The company's leadership team is experienced and has the right orientation to help the Company overcome the economic recession in the past. In the future, the company will aim to develop a brand name in construction, consulting, supervision, operation management and exploitation of public and civil works in Vietnam; develop the field of stainless steel production to supply the building materials market which is currently short of supply.

Our team

Most of our staff are highly qualified, experienced and skilled with a broad knowledge of the relevant fields. In addition, Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company obtains a professional understanding and maintains contact with a large number of individual experts who specialize in working as partners on specific projects according to the schedule of respective projects.

With a team of engineering staff and workers with high and intensive experience, over the past decade, the Company has had a lot of experience in construction and management of civil and industrial works. Annually, the Company is regularly invested, renewed and supplemented in terms of equipment capacity, types suitable for practicing functions and advanced and modern construction lines with the goal of mechanization, modernization in construction, helping to improve labor productivity and shorten the time to complete works.

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Immediately contact the construction engineers of Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company for a free consultation.​​