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Construction capacities

1. Experience in the field of construction

With a team of engineering staff and workers with high and intensive experience, over the past decade, the Company has had a lot of experience in construction and management of civil and industrial works. Annually, the Company is regularly invested, renewed and supplemented in terms of equipment capacity, types suitable for practicing functions and advanced and modern construction lines with the goal of mechanization, modernization in construction, helping to improve labor productivity and shorten the time to complete works. The company has an advanced, reasonable and effective management and production model with a team of managers, technicians and skilled workers who basically trained and challenged through works, have professional skills and are ready to complete the most complex tasks.

2. Quality goals

  • Successfully deployed and applied the quality management system according to ISO 9001-2008 and obtained the certificate.
  • Best solving customer inquiries, ensuring a satisfactory resolution of at least 98% of complaints. Constantly striving and maintaining the quality to satisfy customers’ satisfaction.

3. Quality policies

  • Providing products with the best quality assurance, meeting the highest requirements of customers. In order to implement the above policy, Song Cam Construction Joint Stock Company commits:
  • All officers, staff and employees in the Company unanimously agreed to thoroughly implement the quality management system according to ISO 9001-2008.
  • The Company’s Board of Directors is united and wise in determining its production direction goals – operation plan in each period in order to ensure employment, increase income for all employees in the Company and ensure the growth and sustainable development of the Company.
  • Create all conditions and opportunities to train, foster knowledge, equip the best facilities for the Company’s employees. Employees always strive to train and cultivate knowledge, are aware of their responsibilities, complete their assigned tasks to meet work requirements, expectations of the markets and customers.